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Šámalova 60a,
615 00 Brno

Czech republic
IČO: 25579835
DIČ: CZ25579835
Spisová značka: C 35307
vedená u Krajského soudu v Brně
Den zápisu: 29.10.1999
Phone: +420 545 426 211
Fax: +420 545 426 219
E-mail: info@mesing.cz
GPS: 49°11'54.679"N


MESING is a company within the Czech republic specialising in the design and manufacture of length measuring devices for the engineering industry. Our team of specialists have many years experience in the measurement field.

The main products of MESING are measuring gauges designed and manufactured according to customers specifications. These high quality instruments are used in applications within the laboratory, workshops, in checking stations and automatic sorting machines. Mesing is also a producer of automatic assembly lines, automatic and semiautomatic measuring stations and lines. The SPC based systems or systems with the feedback to the metal working machine are delivered as a standard.

MESING works in the field of measuring devices with the wide range of application and is the leading supplier of calibrating gauges in the Czech republic (measuring check gauges, snap gauges, roll gauges, lengthening rings, dial indicators etc.). Different types of the stand are also available for use with this range of measuring devices.

MESING is also manufacturer of inductive length transducers and concentrates mainly on the transducers for multi-point measuring gauges built to order. The wide application area have also different measuring gauges of diameter, measuring gauges of taper ratio, of bevelling etc.

Measuring gauges for the evaluation of roundness form the traditional part of the programme of MESING. These gauges are intended for use directly on the metal turning machine; other gauges are used for the measurement of shape deviation and position.

Among the newest additions to our programme is the construction and manufacturing of measuring contacts using materials for functional surfaces such as ruby, ceramic, hard metal and steel, also special gauges for the measurement of parameters for deformation and force of rubber and plastic samples.

MESING also offers an upgrading and modernising service for various older measuring gauges and devices. The company also provides a consultancy service in the application and use of length measuring methods and conception of measuring devices.

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